Howdy beloved anglo-american friends of music!

We are Flur3(Hall3 or Corridor3) and we provide you, with our carefully selected pieces of music, unimagined qualitiy on friendly terms. Step inside and convince yourself! Consider for example taking part on a journey into the brain of existencial being, as in the here and now reality becomes sensible near. Trust in our years of market expertise an benefit from the unique outpourings of our good music.

We are here since a long time, thereabout since the beginning of 2001. Fun always stood well to the fore, hexadecimal numbers or the smile of Sepp Krassnitzer, we just all have our own cogitations. Sure! By this you once again got the whole hog

1-2 Easter egg, 3-4 mashed yegg etc.

Take account of our daily and actually general offer:

Have the legs behind the head do. Then make you on the belly slide, hold this position. Turn on the stereo now and select Flur3: Gulasch für die Welt(Goulash for the world), hold again now.

Thanks a lot for your unresponsiveness.

Yours Flur3billion DOU! 3


and now a picture:

and on we go...


There is news

There is news, yes it won´t be a lie, it´s hard to believe when we say that we are still represented on  myspace. Furthermore also on google. There is music!!! Oh for heaven´s sake! That´s like a ham roll with other food by it. It even "alights" a cat. "Alight" is a newly invented verb of Flur3 with the meaning, that is to say that "a cat with the parachute lands inadvertently on a sea by an oversight an this it pleases her because of google and myspace"!!